Achey V Crete Carrier Corporation – sleep apnea and Pennsylvania Freight translations

The car company can not be held liable for punitive damages, because the driver knew the history of apnea. The court granted the petition for a court decision on the case Achey v. Crete Carrier Corporation, № 07-cv-3592 (EDPa, judgment of 30 March 2009 -. The Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania). In Echy, the plaintiff requested punitive damages against the carrier on the basis of alleged negligent / reckless orders.
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The claimant established a claim for the work of the driver, who was diagnosed with sleep apnea. The driver testified that in 1992 he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, but denied a noticeable impact on his ability to govern. Next, he showed that in 1992 he had an operation about the state, but did not feel the difference in the level of fatigue.
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It was “hot rejected”, whether or not the driver at the time had a burn apnea. However, the Court considered that even if he did, and when fatigue and sleepiness have been a symptom of sleep apnea (which the Court considered that it was not in accordance with the management measures), the court could not find any evidence that the driver ever He is suffering from symptoms of fatigue or drowsiness as a result of the alleged state of apnea. The Court stated that just because the driver was suffering from snoring due to sleep apnea, and at some point sonnasts does not mean that drowsiness was due to the condition of sleep apnea.
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The court noted that the plaintiff had not presented an expert who linked sleep apnea with sleepiness. In the absence of expert testimony the court will not make the leap to connect the two. The plaintiff tried to use an expert on traffic safety, to make the connection.
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The specialist suggested that cumulative fatigue in the driver and apnea water contribute to the causes of the accident. It was filed a motion to limit that challenges the qualifications of the expert opinions transport. In response to the movement in Limin, the plaintiff agreed to withdraw their opinion about sleep apnea and / or cumulative fatigue, as well as contributed to any factor.
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The lack of a qualified expert opinion on this issue, the plaintiff’s claim failed, and short decision was given. The plaintiff also rejected the claim of the application of penalties on the basis of the carrier’s alleged driver awareness about the risk of falling asleep at the wheel on the basis of his record.
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The court granted the motion for summary based on the absence of any evidence that the carrier is aware of the risk. The Court noted that the driver has been recognized medical qualification consecutive DOT individuals. Although there were reports of a history, which was treated in history, there was no evidence that the carrier knew or ought to know that the driver is falling asleep at the wheel.
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Next plaintiff tried to make the connection, claiming irregularities in the recording of drivers to warn the carrier. The Court again rejected the violations as evidence of deliberate risk assessment by the carrier, when the driver feels tired at the wheel. The court argued that the court noted that in connection with the accident, there was no violation of the rules by drivers operating services. Accordingly, the court granted the petition for adjudication.
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