How to get a criminal record for juvenile affairs of Pennsylvania, removed or obliterated

Conviction may suras & # 39; ozna ruin your life. This may prevent you from employment, from the college of your choice, from the receipt of the Armed Forces or to work in certain professions, such as teachers, child worker or a lawyer. Since you have a record, and it can be done, it is desirable that it was removed as soon as possible.
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Conviction of the juvenile is not automatically deleted after the offender is no longer fall under the jurisdiction of the Court for Minors. To make a recording, the offender falls request for penalty in juvenile court in the county in which the crime was committed. Then designed a hearing before a judge to determine the application for release must be met. The court issued a decision on submitting the documents, if:
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1. The initial charges were dismissed or inconclusive.

2. It has been six months since the successful implementation of the decision on the agreement (pre-trial program, when it will be terminated if the offender has successfully fulfilled the conditions set by the judge or master of the juvenile).
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3. Five years have passed since the release of the offender from the jurisdiction of the juvenile court and against him was not before the & # 39; revealed no other charges.
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In addition, the petition may be granted in cases where it took less than five years. The Court may make the charge in making the documents when the offender over 18 years, and the district attorney agrees to the exception.
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Before you make charges, the judge must weigh such factors as the gravity of the offense, the age of the perpetrator, any subsequent history of the criminal case, an adult and a minor, minor adverse effects if the kidnapping is not available and the community, and # 39; And interest in the record-keeping.