Pennsylvania State Exhibition at the racetrack

In the Philadelphia Racetrack in Bensaleme every year from late May to early June is held public exhibition of Pennsylvania. This state fair is a relatively new and as of 2006 was only 21-th year. Visitors to the fair every year can find many great deals and discounts to help ease the burden on your budget. There are coupons for travel discounts and special free admission for one chaperone to 15 children of K to 8. In addition, the fair organizers seek to include a cheap menu of one dollar for each concession stand.

Puppet Grandpa Krechet available at venues for meetings and entertainment of children and family members & # 39; and of all ages. Also nice to enjoy zoo animals specialty Petting. Children can come to pet and feed many animals from goats to chickens. Another exhibition of animals that came to the public market when "Bwana Jim" and his training of the animal. His wild pitch and & # 39; Jacek, and you just might learn something about animals.

a trip to the fair is provided by Reithoffer Shows Midway. It is the largest center of the country and has many unique attractions. Midway exists in one form or another since 1896, and they are always looking to add new attractions. Some recent additions – "Star Star", "freak" and "Avalanche". A fun ride on the children – it is the Titanic. Several ironic theme, but the ride is really a giant blow up slide wreck that children slide down.

Visiting the fair is also Buffo, Clown Strongmana, whose many talents include zhangling bowling balls, balancing attachments on the face and the ability to break the telephone book in half. What! Also, visitors will be able to enjoy the show kaskadornaga cycling, chainsaw sculpture exhibition of wood, and an exhibit of milking a dairy farm.