Possession of marijuana in Pennsylvania

Nearly half of US states have enacted laws that legalize medical marijuana. While the time required, storage constraints and related charges Var & # 39; iruyutstsa, 23 states and the District of Columbia have adopted legislative measures to allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes.
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In September 2014, the Senate of Pennsylvania voted for adoption of the law the Senate one thousand one hundred eighty-two of 43-7, an act that would involve the use of cannabis for medical purposes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
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Although the state House of Representatives has not yet adopted this measure, the following month the city of Philadelphia launched a new fine structure, which is largely dekryminalizavala possession of marijuana.
Instead of being arrested and threatened with criminal charges, a person saves 30 grams of marijuana or less, will be issued a civil citation in the amount of $ 25, and those who smoke cannabis in public will be fined $ 100.
Despite the many signs that the day is coming when marijuana becomes legal across Pennsylvania, it is important to remember that “marijuana” is still a matter Schedule I under state law, controlled substances, medicines, tools, and Cosmetic Act. This means that a person convicted of possession, cultivation or sale or distribution of this drug outside the Philadelphia city limits, may still threaten the long-term imprisonment and very hefty fines.
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Under current law, a person who is convicted of possession of cannabis for the first time, may be eligible for a conditional release if he gets a trial period of one year instead of prison. However, a second or subsequent conviction for possession can also lead to double punishment. Since it is related to marijuana possession, the possible consequences of the judgment in Pennsylvania depend on the amount in which the accused is alleged perpetrator:

  • 30 grams or less – offenses punishable by prison up to 30 days and a fine of $ 500
  • More than 30 grams – offenses punishable by jail up to one year and a fine of $ 5,000

Sale and distribution of cannabis also provides for punishment which envisages in prison up to 30 days and a fine of $ 500, if the amount is 30 grams or less. However, charges can be significantly increased if a person is convicted of possession with intent to deliver (PWID) amounting to more than 30 grams:

  • At least two pounds, but less than 10 pounds – The offense was punishable by a mandatory minimum prison one year and $ 5,000 fine
  • Not less than 10 pounds, but less than 50 pounds – The offense was punishable by a mandatory minimum of three years’ imprisonment and a fine of $ 25,000
  • At least 50 pounds but less than 1,000 pounds – A crime punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $ 25,000
  • £ 1,000 or more – A crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $ 100 000

In addition, a person convicted of the sale or distribution of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school or within 250 feet of the playground, could face a lengthy term of imprisonment, and a fine can be doubled if the alleged offender has been convicted of previous drug or later criminal record related to the sale of a minor.