Pennsylvania Updating environment and recycling


Pennsylvania – states that intersection, the north side of the line Mason-Dixon. Philadelphia, in the east, with the & # 39 is part of a sprawling megalapalisu northeastern Atlantic coast, which runs from DC to Boston. Pittsburgh in the west part of the so-called Rust Belt – the industrial Midwest. Between them lies a vast agricultural area, where he lives Amish, as well as most of the farming in this country. Problems with the environment have increased in Pennsylvania, along with the rest of the United States, and the recovery and rescue vehicles – an important part of all this. Here's the latest news on the environment and recycling by Quaker State.

Recycling improves in Pittsburgh

The famous capital city of Pittsburgh has made the transition from heavy industry to high technology – one of the most innovative technologies in the world come from the big cities of Western software and its universities. And yet, despite all this invention and creativity, Pittsburgh is slightly inferior in terms of recycling. on the Pennsylvania Resources Council seeks to change that.

China – a long-standing environmental organization in Ohio, one of the biggest supporters of the state recycling and other environmental programs. They have recently launched a program to simplify and promote recycling in a town called "Zero Waste Pittsburgh." Among the most innovative features: recycling audits for businesses and homeowners and recycling for common hazardous materials, such as monitors and TVs Cathode Ray Tube, other electronics, and compact fluorescent bulbs.

State activists on & # 39; to join forces to make the golf green

Paleo courses were anathema to environmental activists for years. Raspalityya units consume an incomparable level of water, more and more scarce resource. And the only way to keep the greens green – it kilograms of toxic chemicals. Environmental Protection Department of Pennsylvania recently sent one of the best-known environmental groups in the State – Pennsylvania Environmental Council – to prepare a guide for the development and maintenance of green golf courses.

In view of the consultant on environmental issues, management is going to be helpful to the local authorities and developers of courses across the country. Among his most important ideas – the use of native vegetation to reduce water consumption – a strategy which is used by the owners of the houses today. They also identify ways to preserve flood plains, streams, watersheds and other Zatoka, often damaged courses.

Nuclear reactor "Three miles" passes environmental review

Island Three Millie became synonymous with nuclear disaster since the partial collapse of 1979. Since then, no new nuclear power stations were opened, although a few have started to build in recent years. With the new management, environmental activist Bugaboos valid today.

As part of the restoration of a 20-year permit to plant this year introduced the examination of environmental protection in the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and this month received a clean bill. Permitting process takes place, is expected to be completed by the time the end of the current resolution in 2014, but residents of Pennsylvania are pleased to know that the island is three miles they are safe.