Some of the most popular places in Pennsylvania

Here are some of the most horrible places in Pennsylvania

Haunted Places in Pennsylvania.

A short list is composed of some of the most ghostly places in Pennsylvania and around. All of the places recorded among these places haunted limited, and if anyone wants to visit or explore any of these places, it will need resolution. Most of these places protected by the authorities. Attackers will be judged.

Abingtonskaya Presbyterian Church Frequently seen the ghost of a child in this church, which was built in 1779 after the removal of the cemetery from his seat. After the construction of the church cemetery was shifted to it.

Since then, people have reported that they had seen a child who stood at the window at night in the church. Some people also have seen the ghost of a child while praying in the church. This church – one of the most popular places in Pennsylvania.

Academy – District Huniyata: She said that this is one of the most popular places in Pennsylvania. Old school girls was destroyed by fire in the 1800s. The school building is located next to the cemetery, which makes all the neighborhoods of the old school totally terrible.

There is a myth that the gardener at the school killed several girls and hid their bodies. Strange things are said to occur at night in this place.

People who were there at night, saw migtselnyya lights, strange sounds and were expelled, he felt a strange presence. People also heard a sob and saw a young girl home, dressed in black.

Madlik Hollow, Beaver, Brighton This place is really terrible and really deserves a visit in this list of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania with. It is believed that in the 1800s there was a misfortune of a young couple who just got married and returned home after the wedding in a horse buggy.

On the way, a small wild animal jumped out of the woods, scaring the horses. As a result, with gods & # 39; driving off the road and fell into the stream. Young bride broke her neck and died, and the unfortunate groom, who was wearing a lame horse slowly died next to his bride.

Locals say that on dark nights on the road from the creek is a fog, and you hear a horse buggy approaching in speed, but before it reaches, you can hear the roar and scream. Then all was silent again, and the mist disappears. No wonder this creek is considered one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania with.

Metro, Canonsburg: As a last mention in this list of the places haunted Pennsylvania Canonsburg we mention the subway, which is said to be built on the site of the old nursing home.

Metro employees often heard ghosts whispering the names on the ears; doors unfold and open, despite the fact that they were the only person in the store.

Often the shadow image was taken on the security camera, even if the store was empty. People call this ghost "Fred."

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