Travel to the country Amish, Pennsylvania

Traveling on the Amish Country, Pennsylvania, you treat the vicious experience of unique flavors, sights and sounds of the past, returning you to the lifestyle easier in many ways, but in doing so, with an emphasis on family values ​​and hard.

The territory of the Amish in the central and south-eastern Pennsylvania occupies much of the city of Lancaster (pronounced with the accent on the first syllable), east across the county of Chester and south through the city, as the Gap, Whitehorse, bird in the hand, Intercourse and Blue Ball.

When traveling to the east of Lancaster on route 23, you will travel to the heart of this area, and you can see and experience many restaurants, entertainment facilities and wide rural land stretching to the eyes.

Amish occupy a sentimental, sometimes nostalgic place in the minds of many people, and they are the people that are worth to visit and explore. Lifestyle Amishav is definitely different from the "normal" of the American experience, but they are people of their way of life suggests that they believe and practice their relationship to God.

From the yoke of horse buggies to large hectares of farmland, processed agricultural equipment and tighten the big Percheron horses, raising clouds of dust as they plucked down four, one is transported to another time, simpler and easier life.

Perhaps your imagination – it is an open market, where you will find everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade meat and dairy products, as well as a wide range of home-made products and furniture. Quality and workmanship immediately noticeable, if you carefully study the various shops and markets.

Blankets handmade – a very popular product that is sold at a fairly good price in some quarters, and come in different varieties and colors. People from all over the world come to Amish country of Pennsylvania, to look at the many high-quality blankets.

Of course, the food – this is the main attraction, which attracts tourists, and if you get a good plate full of tea cake, polished desert cakes from flies, you may think that you just tried to heaven.

You know that you are in another world when passing the gods closed some & # 39; her Amish, sending the road to your destination with a horse, skilfully removing the load on the sidelines.

The first thing you notice are the children dressed and freshly peeled, who look at you as if you are entering into their special world, and why do you want to go to so recklessly in his car.

Time seems to have stopped somewhere between 120 and 150 years ago, when you're staring at the people dress; whiskered man with a beard and a home with head cover and long dresses.

You begin to recognize the names of the various institutions called Stoltsfus, Oder, Kurtz, Piterskhaym and the like. Neat, well-maintained facilities stand out its course and manicured fields and the lack of power lines to buildings.

When the time comes to start the journey back to your home, you will not want to leave the Amish country, because you have experienced a lot of things that you certainly do not want to leave behind. It may take several trips back to this calm, wise place to include everything you want to experience.