John Fleming, Wakefield – Missionary ekstraardynar


John Fleming, Wakefield was born September 12, 1812 in Brush Valley, Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Missionary Church called Erast Snow, when he preached the Gospel in Western Pennsylvania, John Fleming was introduced into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the Mormon Church). Apparently, Wakefield was the Methodist faith, and several members of the family & # 39; and Wakefield played a prominent role in the construction of the Methodist churches in the area.

Listening to a sermon Erastus Snow, 25 October 1836 Ian Fleming was baptized member of the Church at the age of 24 years.

Then, John Fleming, Wakefield became a missionary for the Church and accompanied by Erastus Snow in the valley of brushes, Pennsylvania.

At that time in Brush Valley, he lived a family whose father was David Garlick. Name Garlick was really Americanized version of the German surname. When the Dutch came to America family & # 39; I Pennsylvania, they chose the American name, which was closest to their German surname. Elizabeth was the wife of David, and they had the following children; Hanna (1818-1892), Susan (1820-1890), Mary Jane (1822-1900), Talita Kumi (1824-1902), Joseph Gustin (1827-1915), Sarah, Elizabeth (1830-1904) and Elizabeth Eliza ( 1835-1841).

One night, his wife Elizabeth dreamed that two young men came to their house and head over to the & # 39; sign appeared, which read: "This is the real message of God, listen and obey." The next day, Elizabeth told the dream
something it & # 39; and.

The following week, two young men walked up the path to their home. Elizabeth exclaimed: "These are two young people that I have seen in a dream." Two men – John Fleming Wakefield and William Bosley. They were missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Elizabeth and two children were baptized, but David and the other children were.

After the end of the mission, John Fleming returned to the valley Brush and married Suzanne Garlick August 5, 1838 in Pennsylvania.

John and Suzanne moved to Nauvoo, Illinois, where they took an active part in the Church. John was one of the "special missionaries" sent to different district of Illinois to turn public opinion about the Prophet Joseph Smith, for his arrest and the alleged crimes.

Due to the brutal persecution of Church members in Nauvoo, including John and Susan and their family & # 39; I was preparing to leave Nauvoo, to find respite from persecution.

John died on January 13, 1854 near Nova before he was able to direct its something & # 39; nd in the valley of Salt Lake, where is Salt Lake City, Utah.

From the words of his son, John Fleming II of Wakefield, "Who knows, moreover, that the father is now working on the mission field, continuing the work done while here on earth."