Kurtz Fish Hatchery – Elversan, Pennsylvania

Department of Fisheries Kurtz & # 39; is the leader among the hatching of fish, and the owner Richard A. Kurtz is well known for his general knowledge in the field. Located in Chester County, in the south-eastern Pennsylvania, Kurtz Fish Hatchery specializes in the cultivation of fish for the sports market. This incubator is licensed for the manufacture of these sporting fish: bass (hybrid striped largemut), catfish duct cancer, the American eel, a common goldfish, the fat red and pink red Wednesday, mussels, gold shyner, pumpkin sunny fish, tadpoles and rainbow trout. This is one of the fourteen approved dealers who received the permission of the fishing boat Pennsylvania Commission on the import, transport and sale of carp Tryploid. Karasev herbaceous herbs used for low-cost, herbicides, anti-aquatic weeds in ponds and lakes, are imported from Asia and are genetically modified to prevent divorces in spawning fish.

Pennsylvania fish farmers grow more than twenty kinds of sport fish. Two-thirds of Pennsylvania cultivated fish in the amount of $ 15 million for sport fishing. Perhaps the most widespread and popular sport fish of warm water in the southeast Pennsylvania to & # 39 is a bass Largemouth. Hybrid striped bass works well in ponds, it is growing rapidly in reservoirs and is becoming popular as a sport fish.

One reason for the selection of fish with Kurtz & # 39; is a leader in the field with a & # 39 is excellence in the management of fish and pond. pond management is becoming increasingly important and requires specialized methods for the warmer waters of Pennsylvania. Small ponds are best for a limited number of hunting species of fish: Bass, Sunny fish and catfish. Azyartsovyya fish (pike, Maskelunzh and goiter) is not a very good situation in the small pond. Most warm shallow waters in the southeast Pennsylvania will not support trout because the water temperature is too warm, which leads to lack of oxygen.

Reservoirs must be carefully managed, taking into account the density of plants. Too much density in aquatic plant beds will be rubbing sun fish, as well as reducing the effectiveness of Largemouth bass, because control over the population in the Bluegill. Between the two populations there is a delicate balance that must be maintained. A large number of expanded material which remained in the reservoir may also deplete oxygen.

Farms, farmed, grown in conditions that give them a lot of space for movement and the development of their muscles as they grow. Several species are grown in a pond and an artificial food is added is limited in their diet. This means better survival and viability after harvesting. If not handled properly the result will stun solar and undersized fish basonav Largemouth. There is a need in the proper ratio to the Sun Bass fish, or overpopulation will hamper Solar Fish. Caught blocks should never go back to water bodies due to their ability to reproduce and crowd reservoirs.

Extensive and detailed knowledge in fish farming, as well as in the management of the pond – is that Kurtz Fat Hatchchery with & # 39 is a reliable and resourceful dealer in southeast Pennsylvania. For more information or in case of responses, please contact directly with the company.

Isolation of fish smokers
161 Isabelle Road
Elversan, PA, 19520
(610) 286-9250