On the feast of who you are today?

Generally speaking, and who ever says these days, I'm not a big fan of the holiday. It seems a holiday every day of the week. So many holidays, I can not keep up and to be honest, I do not have much incentive to keep up.

When I was young, I liked to party, but now that I am a husband, father, grandfather, every holiday is issued to my account, and I can not get out of it. I keep my wallet is very tight, but obviously not tight enough. Someone came up with the holidays just to sell greeting cards and make a ton of money. So, I'm not a big fan of the holidays.

I fondly remember as a teenager, who got up on Christmas morning worried that Santa brought me under the tree. Little did I know that my father takes care of all the expenses. How could I know that Christmas was a price tag? Nobody told me when I was young, Christmas gifts were worth anything.

When I had my own family, I found that Christmas is not free, at least for the parents, especially the father's tribe. Of course, it was necessary to see the laughter and bright children's eyes when they open their Christmas presents.

Outside Christmas I do not have any holidays that have bothered me except one. I'm from Pennsylvania, and if you're not from this state, you will not understand this holiday. I know that people celebrate Groundhog Day, but it is not my holiday. Holiday that I celebrate most is Fastnahta Day, who & # 39 is a Pennsylvania Dutch, which is celebrated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

No, it's not a religious holiday. I do not know too much about the roots fastnahta Day. But the word means Fastnacht donuts. So actually it is a national day of donut. What holiday could be better than spending a day donuts?

Once, when a merciful mistress pryhazhanstva challenged me eat donuts all day, especially untouched aladnyya apples. I have to explain to her that, since I come from Pennsylvania, I take a solemn obligation. Although I no longer live in Pennsylvania, I still perceive the solemn eating donuts all day on the day of Fastnacht.

I have a small confession. It was June, and I have the whole day to celebrate the Day Fastnahta apple fritters. Wife caught me and said, "What are you doing?"

I am very soberly said, "Well, this is the day Fastnahta, and I celebrate it by eating the apple fritters." She gave me one of those looks that are part of my soul. I do not get these views often, but when I do, they are alarming.

"What do you mean," I asked my wife, "Day Fastnahta today?" So I started to describe this festival, and that as a person who was born in Pennsylvania, every year I honor the holiday in a solemn responsibility. It's my heritage.

"Yes," she said, more sternly, "but why do you eat apple pancakes today?"

It was a little quiet, and I did not know how to answer her.

"If I'm not mistaken," – she said – you mentioned Fastnahta Day in March. Why do you celebrate it in June? "

I knew that he had fallen into a trap and did not know how to untie himself. All I could do was say, "Oh, I forgot, it was June I think I'm getting old, and the memory is not working so well.".

Looking at me, and, without a smile, she said: "I worry not about your memory." Then she turned and walked away. I was worried from the time. I did not know what she meant, what she is going through me. This could be a thousand things and to be honest, I do not have the nerve to ask her what she had me most worried about.

As I said before, every holiday comes with a cost factor. Not all the costs associated with the money.

I wanted to tell her that, though Fastnacht Day comes in March, I love to celebrate it three or four times during the year. Now, what about it? Why do you have to celebrate just one day? Why can not it be in a year?

I think I know how she would react. "Well, why do not celebrate my birthday every month?" Believe me, I'm not going to walk through the troubled waters of this in the near future.

Over the years I have learned that everyone has their own way to celebrate the holiday. Personally, I think people are too legalistychnymi, when it comes to holidays. My idea is, instead, to celebrate the holidays, why we did not mark every day of the year. Every day, it has something special, and that is a celebration. The celebration – the memory of the right things.

David understood this when he wrote, "Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions thy mercy remember thou me with kindness, Lord." (Psalm 25: 7.).

There are things in my life that I do not want to celebrate and remember. It is the grace of God, which allows him to remember the good in my life, not my sins.