From another point of view of Amish country


History and overview of Amish country, the USA

Amish began to settle in America around 1730 From the first immigrants settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The concept of religious tolerance by William Pena, known as the "Holy Experiment" was the main catalyst for the immigration of these people in the United States. Despite the initial settling in Pennsylvania, it's not the largest group Amishav in the United States.

Currently, there are towns in 24 states, Canada, and Central America, but almost 80% of all Amishav in the United States live in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Today you will find the largest concentration of Amish in northeast Ohio, mainly in Holmes and surrounding counties.

Welcome to Ohio Amish country

If you move away from the fast development of the image of the big city life, what you crave, then Amish country of Ohio might just be the destination for you. Here you can relax, slow down and just enjoy the fact that this lifestyle has to offer city residents, who stressed that he stressed. Lifestyle Amishav as clean and simple as it happens, but a great work ethic in the United States do not.

For almost 200 years, Holmes County, Ohio and surrounding districts offer a way of life, free from the bonds of modern society and culture that has survived without technology, that all of us spoiled. It really makes the Amish country one of the most desirable destinations in the United States. The hospitality, dining and shopping a lot, as well as numerous opportunities for sightseeing in the beautiful Amish countryside. Take a trip back in time – visit Amish country today.

Top 10 attractions of Amish country in Ohio

Located between Cleveland and Columbus, in Ohio Amish Country offers travelers a wide range of western roads, hills and (of course) many tourist attractions. Below is a list of top 10 recommended places to visit in the country amishskay Ohio.

1) Route 39 Tour – a well-paved road through the land of the Amish Wier

2) Milersburg – the heart of Amish Country and Ahaisa

3) Berlin – the best homemade food anywhere and excellent shopping opportunities

4) Walnut – near the route 39, the city offers travelers a wide range of tourist facilities

5) Charm – is located in the hills of Amish country, Enchantment village – a mandatory appointment

6) Cooking Amish – local cuisine found in the many restaurants of the area, and you will definitely want to try cooking

7) Holmes County Trail – nature trail 12 miles, which lies between Frederyksburgam and Millersburg, only two bands – one for horses, as well as for biking, jogging and walking

8) New Philadelphia – New Philadelphia is located a few minutes from the Amish Country and a shopping center, shops and much more

9) Roscoe Village – historical village Roscoe once bustling port on the Ohio and Erie Canal

10) Breakfast, taverns and much more – the traveler for the night will have a variety of comfortable accommodations regardless of where they will be visiting the Amish country in northeast Ohio.