He died according to Anne Kelly

Dead On – exciting, intellectually fearless novel that combines boundless horror, mystery and paranarmalnasts to read fast paced provocative reading.

Anne Yang had hoped to avoid unnecessary divorce and start quietly in a quiet suburb of Doylestown Pennsylvania. Sitting as a medical examiner, a leading home renovation, it has invested the past where it was to be … in the past. However, this concept is short, as a ruthless killer begins to hone their craft in the yard sinister Ann. When the body was found, obviously staged, unique signature, standing under the tongue, makes fun of the police, Anne is actually among the Var & # 39; a madman. With colleagues, accustomed to high-profile crimes and murders zagadkavanyh Ann enlists the aid of a close friend and a retired FBI specialist Tony Cole. Together they go on unraveling from Pennsylvania to New Orleans only once wrapped in the infinite mystery is impossible to answer the questions.

Adding another dimension of this multi-layered history – the discovery of an old diary, which immediately captures the attention of Anne and fascinates her unusual perceptual abilities. From more than a hundred years, the old pages appear intimate details related to the disappearance of a young girl who was left unresolved. Could this be related? Or called in hypnosis vision of murders in past lives that zatumanyalisya or possibly formed reality? The only thing that clearly understood from this psychopath, Anne simply aim, and she unwittingly became a pawn in a big pawn in the game with cats and mice.

Characters that dramatically depict, the same liquid as the ink of this phenomenal pen. Expert use of dialogue embodies the characters to life and provides a disturbing impression from reading. Although this is a quick read, Kelly has spared no punches when it comes to complexity, depth and intensity. Sensual tension increases when the story develops quickly, almost recklessly, in the direction of shocking, but satisfactory conclusion.

Epitetychny debut novel Anne Kelly well researched, intellectually reflected and delivered with unbridled passion. Subtle clues laid everywhere, forcing the reader to participate and wonder, without preventive spoiler. The mystery within the mystery at the same time allowing Kelly to develop a variety of angles, deftly vplyatayuchy bizarre web of murder and chaos, life regression and brilliant expression.

Readers, if you are looking for an entertaining novel, losing a few hours dead a good choice.

Happy reading!