Read my experience with travel reviews to book my hotel

As I was expecting my next trip to Auckland, New Zealand (NZ), I was looking for accommodation. With so many options to choose from – bed and breakfasts, motels, lodgings, apartments and hotels (to name a few) – I eventually decided to choose Auckland hotel accommodation. My issue was: What kind of accommodation do I want to stay in? Who: Which supplier should I choose?

It is fair to say that I was able to suggest that I book through a travel agency, but in this age of online travel booking, I did not have to talk to a travel agency. So, following online flight reservations, I also decided to book my accommodation online. First, I decided to find out what they were saying about Auckland hotels, so no one suggested a good suggestion for me.

I have heard all this talk about user reviews becoming increasingly popular in today's online environment and now I see why. It’s like talking to family or friends and asking them what they can recommend somewhere, but in this event you can go to a wider range of opinions. The other advantage is that the reviews posted on the site are not filtered by the providers, so just read the good suggestions, as they are a much more transparent and honest hotel rating.

There are many online travel review sites available, but it is important to note that there is a general site where people can sign up and post comments. In fact, because they are unverified reports and overly positive and sometimes open. hosting providers themselves fraudulent comments. So my first step was to find the Auckland hotel review site / trust.

It was created through an online booking site. Comments on these types of sites can only be posted by people who have booked and stayed at that particular Auckland hotel. This is where you can read honest guest reviews. In addition to this, I read that I had to read a site that was easier to read on the same website, and then chose to choose Auckland Hotel.

Most of the reviews I did had a 1- and 5-star system:

1 = poor

2 = below average

3 = value of money

4 = high value for money

5 = great experience

This rating method can easily get the general idea of ​​value without having to read all the reviews over the last twelve months. From there, more hotel research was needed, which was to read every single criticism that caught my attention. At this point it was important to remember that one or the other of the bad reviews did not necessarily reflect the poor service of the hotel. People have bad days and unfortunately so do hotels. Although it refers to faucet faucets, poor showers, noisy rooms or poor service, I probably think most guests are right.

Lastly, the trend that appeared in most bad reviews is that at some point people were expecting more than they would give from the hotel. Such as "the restaurant closed at 11am", "no room service" or "I had to carry suitcases", all research shows that these services were not offered by the Auckland Hotel in the first place. The hotel has a 24-hour desk and a perception of bars, pools, gyms and spas. Today's demand has eliminated unnecessary offers and services to give the consumer a better price.

So, after reading a lot of reviews and feeling more informed than I started, the Auckland Hotel was able to position myself to meet my needs, not in terms of service but also in terms of location, price and facilities. In the end, reviews were an integral part of my decision and should be viewed in conjunction with my personal criteria to make my final decision.