Ground Crusade, Views – Xian

A powerful army of three barges and horseback riding 40 miles east of Xian is one of Xian's most popular tourist attractions.

Reasons to go there

This army is truly amazing!

Crust figures are for life and for life. Height, uniform and hairstyles vary depending on the classification. The tallest the tallest. In the figures are warriors, chariots, horses, servants, acrobats, powerful and musicians. Many of the original weapons that were created and stolen shortly after the army were stolen are gone.

Helpful tips

Make sure you do not go down the crumbling kilometer from the ground army site and the "Grave" before ripping the tourist trap.

You'll have to deal with the Terracotta Trap Tourists Army: they collect souvenirs, submarines and expensive snacks, with the help of aggressive rumors and salesmen.

Xian, like other Chinese cities, is generally relatively safe. Check out the pickups (usually kids) in the crowd.

I highly recommend comparing hotel prices to Xian. Different booking sites have different prices at the same hotel.

How to get there

Buses depart regularly from the Terracotta Warrior Museum in front of Xi's bus station (opposite the train station, outside the city walls). Take bus 306 (Chinese Green Bus 5) from the bus stop. In 40 minutes you will be taken to the parking lot in front of the museum area. Single-sided tickets cost 7 ¥.

Additional information

Landscape images were manufactured in workshops by both government farmers and local artisans. The head, arms, legs and torsos were raised individually and then mounted. Research shows that eight face molds were used most often and then added clay to provide individual facial features.