How to make Hotel Pictures your brand image

The past year has seen a rapid transformation in online hospitality. With the rapid presence of online travel agencies, growing mobile space, increasing social media footprint and corporate channels, travelers have more opportunities than ever to research and book travel accommodation.

By now, most businesses have come to recognize that social media is a part of their marketing strategy. The new digital advertising medium found in the travel and tourism industry is rapidly emerging. According to a report, 30% of travelers use the hotel's social media page to post feeds or news about their experiences at a particular hotel!

Visual appeal makes immediate decisions. Images create emotions, and emotions are the strongest force to persuade people to make decisions. Hotel photography gives the first impression of ownership. These days, the photos on the hotel's website or social media pages have a direct impact on the basis of the business. Now that everyone is armed with a DSLR or smart phone, it is even more important to stand out from the crowd. However, it is important that the quality, quantity, and content of hotel photos influence the specific emotions that your marketing strategy wants.

According to 2011 statistics, 75% of travelers in Europe visited about 4-7 hotel websites before making their choice. This means that after pricing, which remains a major factor, these are attractive hotel photos for travelers. Another survey says that about 26% tune into the hotel social media page for hotel photos and otherwise are responsible for the decision to book a particular hotel.

But a useful and competent hotel marketing agency will tell you that having great photos on your site is not enough. In addition, they must be updated and regularly monitored. Professional hotel photography is an investment and shows a managerial attitude. If a host respects his / her respect by investing and promoting his / her business with a professional approach, the client would not risk losing their money by making a hotel that lacks presentation, if the next hotel is just a click away.

The latest in the world of digital media, Instagram is an online photo sharing and social media site that allows people to share photos in a fun way. With the acquisition of $ 1.2 billion and more than 90 million active users in January 2013, Instagram has become a platform for attention. Destinations, hotels and restaurants are increasingly using the power of this favorite mass channel.