Serviced apartments are a trend of the time

Serviced apartments are basically fully-furnished apartments for public and short-term stays. There are many home-based services and amenities for guests and they are at the same rental price.

These types of apartments provide the hotel with the usual hotel services and amenities, but with comfort, space and intimacy at home. Traveling somewhere is like feeling at home.

What can you expect from a one-bedroom apartment?

• Dishwasher, kitchen complete with dryer

• One or more individual rooms designated as sleeping areas

• Living space

• Toilets with all amenities

• Television

• Wifi

• Newest room technology

• All resources such as water, including electricity

• Weekly or daily cleaning service

The apartments that provide the service are little known and are used outside the corporate business sector. Online booking sites are mostly used as an option for booking and not under a special category. These types of apartments offer visitors a home-like facility, giving guests a personal feeling of being at home. In addition to the aforementioned facilities, gym, restaurant, meeting and hotel service should also be included in order to make your accommodation comfortable.

This sector has an impact on leisure travel, as travelers are the cheapest and best alternative to high-cost hotels. They are treated as an economic stay for family trips. These can provide you with all the home facilities and entertainment that will enable you to live like an outdoors person.


Furnished apartments:

These are typically apartments built in a building. There may or may not be an employee on site. The operator can provide the keys to reach guests or even provide access to the keys via mobile phones. The guest can access the 24-hour support service.


These are the apartments you can see in a dedicated building. These apartments offer hotels such as 24-hour reception services.

Corporate Housing:

It is a fully furnished house, available for rent or rent for a specific period of time. These types of accommodation provide visitors with a traditional lifestyle, cooking, relaxing and organizing as they wish.