Hotel Cancellation Rates – Technique to Avoid Them

Occasionally, an accident occurs. You will find where that dreamy vacation you are planning is going to be canceled. The fee or penalty for canceling a hotel you never thought would look like a reality. You are within the 48 hour hotel cancellation policy. You are happy to pick up the phone to cancel many of the bookings you have booked. The sensation of wasting hard money on this trip darkens your mood. But, hold that phone for a minute, it may be a better solution.

Cancellation fees can range anywhere from $ 10 to $ 100. The average fee is around $ 25. In addition, many hotels, especially during peak seasons or special events, will pay the first night's room rate as a penalty. Cancellation fees typically start 48 hours and 7 days before your arrival due to some unexpected event, but you have to pay extra money for a hotel stay that you will never enjoy.

Here is a technique for avoiding punishments and penalties that I have used more than once. If you find the hotel to be canceled, call the hotel and change the reservation entry date so that this date will be quite distant in the future, within the date of cancellation. For example, if the original reservation arrives on October 15 and if the cut-off date is to be canceled on October 13, call the hotel and change it to arrive on October 25. Then wait a day or two and then call and cancel your reservation. Now that you are in violation of the cutoff date, you can cancel your reservation at no charge.

Are there situations in which this technique will not work? There are a few to be sure. For very popular special events, such as Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida, booked a month or one year in advance, hotels will not be able to make changes to their original reservation. Also, prepaid hotel rates almost always require change rates, as there are more administrative efforts to change the pre-booking. The change fee can cost as much as the cancellation rate. But in general, for most bookings, you can change your arrival date in the future, without paying any cancellation fees.

However, it is a good idea to read the cancellation policy before making any hotel reservation. The website you use to reserve your reservation should clearly show the cancellation policy to review before requesting your credit card information. Keep in mind that the vast majority of hotels have very weak cancellation policies. For example, the check-in time is 4:30 pm, which is a very common cancellation time. If a hotel does not have a policy to meet your needs, it is likely that down the street the hotel will have a lighter policy.