Top 5 features of AdWords to use during the holiday booking season

Over the course of a few years, Google has made a number of remarks and remarks for AdWords. As we know, these changes are emphasized by enhanced mobile campaigns, SERPs, local search ads, Google Maps, location-related ad spreads, and much more, and 2016 is no different.

This year's holiday season has almost reached its peak. It is high time to take the time to sync with Google AdWords to strengthen the foundation of your hotel business. Particularly independent and mid-size hospitality players need to take advantage of this opportunity and therefore target their advertisers. After all, the best thing to do in business is to take advantage of certain AdWords features to ensure that your sales and marketing campaigns are maximized.

Here are five of AdWords features that hosts can take advantage of during this holiday season:

Call-only campaigns

Google released its Call-only campaign in February last year. From a hospitality standpoint, she was increasingly trying to take advantage of potential customers by calling the hotel's phone number immediately. This campaign may not be suitable for all hotels, but it is a great opportunity for those who want to make as much revenue as possible in the 2016-17 Christmas and New Year season.

These single-call ads can highlight the hotel's description and comfort. There, you can call the ad header by the frontline phone number with the "Call" button. This would make it easy to call future guests by simply clicking on the ad. Ads like these show that they can be used to call mobile devices, so you can come up with a new bidding strategy!

Audience / Prospective Refocusing

Vacation vacations are rarely a one-time site visit. Potential guests and guests love to review their target hotel (or destination area) to see package deals, packages, and win prices repeatedly. Sometimes they sign in and take time to think.

Next time, when a visitor enters the network and starts on a search engine, the advertiser can easily reset them to complete them again. The AdWords audience tab helps you do just that. Here you can reorganize people who visit the site and increase it by a certain percentage that fits your bid campaign.

Structured portions

Structured portions are useful add-ons in AdWords campaigns. This feature helps advertisers learn more about hotel rooms, services and amenities. With structured parts, the source can list certain brands and potential customers can read the list to recognize the hotel brands they want to book during the holiday season.

Another powerful way to provide useful pieces of information is to attract potential customers.

Offline conversion tracking

This practice is useful for advertisers who want to start the sales process through the hotel website.

Another good example is the OTA or online travel agent website. Guests choose to fill out a consultation form during the holiday season and the destination of their choice. This is a pre-requisite action and the actual booking process can be moved offline if the CRM system like Sales Force is linked to the background.

The steps to track Google offline conversion are here. The CRM system can record all queries generated by a PPC campaign after passing a unique identifier on paid URLs. When finished handling and updating them, these records are extracted from the CRM system and uploaded to your AdWords account, which is used to merge performance data with a campaign and ad groups.

This shows the sales performance in terms of actual revenue.

Hotel Ad Scheduling

As a host, you should learn the behavior of the guests. To do the same, you should understand the peak times your future hotel is looking for. This will allow you to manage your budgets effectively.

Honestly, holiday travelers are looking for lunch, sunset, or weekends. Know your market habits and budget accordingly. Only during the holiday season will you get the maximum profit from the market.

In addition to the above, Google AdWords also offers an integrated call tracking solution. You can use this feature with others to track all incoming calls and for your hotel's holiday advertising campaigns. By rotating this exercise, you can easily reach people who are ready to book a hotel like yours during the holiday season.

Where your guests are. Happy Holidays!