Cabin Rentals Pocono

Many of the guests enjoyed the benefits of the big chain hotels. It's hard to beat cabin rentals in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. cabin rentals in Pocono can save costs and trouble when entering the hotel.

Skiing, shopping or just relaxing you can find everything in the Pocono & # 39; s. Most importantly, find a cabin in the Pocono & # 39; s can help you to explore the beautiful wilderness that surrounds this area in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Of course, you do not want to rough it to do, at the first settlers moving to this beautiful state. Rent a cabin in the Pocono offers hot tubs, cable TV, fine cuisine and much more. Modern amenities will make your stay comfortable and refreshing. You can select one of the fully furnished cabins with a more modern look and additional comforts of simple cabins with only the essentials.

There are other amenities offered by Pocono Cabin Rental, besides fully furnished houses and the gifts of nature. It feels wonderful view of the Pocono Mountains right outside your windows and, depending on the season: skiing, rafting, paintball, horseback riding, fishing, rafting on rafting, boating and hiking. The best thing to eat more. Nearby there are places where you can buy antiques and dine in fantastic restaurants.

Do you think to buy a holiday home in the Pocono & # 39; s? cabin rentals can be a great way to see the area and decide which things to & # 39 are the most important for your holiday home. Recently, Wall Street Journal called the Pocono one of the three best places to retire. Honored rating, Pocono has natural beauty, modern amenities and proximity to major cities.

Cabin Rentals also offers much more than a motel. You may be deep in the woods or with views of the slope of the mountain, the choice is yours. No more hotel rooms, which offer views of the landfill. So, why not spend your next vacation in the Pocono cabin rental instead of a hotel room for the discharge cookies?

Internet is governed by a

Today, the Internet or World Wide Web is very regulated.

But you're driving for a walk, do you believe that?
Governments around the world create new legislation for you
favor or have the basic factors that these laws more
beneficial to government and big business?

At first we had a Can-Spam and other laws regulating the sending of unsolicited
commercial email that contains false information on the subject,
or that is sent to invalid e-mail addresses, but for me, my mailbox
still, it seems, is always full of junk mail. How many people have
actually it fined or jailed.

The same can be said about downloading music files from the Internet
avoid rights to the copyright on the author's copies and fees for musicians. there
It seems to have got more people than sites that illegally
provided music downloads.

Search engines have the ability to keep track of all those who do
search and is also registered for the service in the search engine.
If you use AOL search system, as well as use e-mail AOL
account cookies for tracking can track your surfing on the Internet
and this information can be sold for commercial gain and
theoretically gain access to law enforcement agencies.

At Pennsylvania on two cases occurred last week, who accused a
Florida travel promoter and its telemarketer of ignoring earlier
Prevention of trafficking and nearly 200 Pennsylvania consumers
which is officially registered in the state list of "no call". complaints
received from consumers located in 13 Pennsylvania counties.

Telemarketers firm on the issue of people who have registered their name and phone number in the list of "no call", said:

1. They do not see the name of consumers in the "no call".

2. They followed the package, which sent them by e-mail
the consumer, when in reality they are not sent to the consumer package.

3. They must be typed consumer wrongly, sorry.

The list of "no call" should be verified and theoretically telmarketami
If the name or phone number of registered persons with the & # 39 appeared on
List of computer & # 39; to your computer, which telemarketar was going to call, should be
It is easy enough to move on to the next person.

You can learn more and register your cell or home phone
room with a "do not call" for a period of 5 years.
the registration fee is not provided.

On January 1, 2005 are required telemarkety and sellers
search the registry at least once every 31 days and leave the
their call lists the phone numbers of consumers who have registered. Telemarkety pay fee
to get a list of local, national or American lists, "Do not call".

List up to five area codes free. The annual fee is forty
dollars for the region code according to the list (five), maximum
annual fee of eleven thousand dollars for the entire US database.

Telemarkera call a person who is on the list without a call
it is the same that send unwanted email. Both are illegal.

Register and purchase a list of free calls are much cheaper
and safer than not to do so.

If you intend to call all your local code
promote your amazing new widget. Do not do so until
you are registered as telemarkera and received a list of
In order not to call people in your area.

If you purchased Leads, which legally must include
date and time stamp, IP-address, etc., that must be met
Laws and acts of government e-mail, you can call
them. But present yourself, your company and product
or service is a clear and honest way, otherwise you can dump the meat
Acts of the plurality of consumers, which also act.

With 911 cases of terrorism on your privacy
Internet, telephone and other forms of relationships are maintained
controlled, or at least, the FBI and other law enforcement authorities
agencies can legally press on your phone and intercept your emails.

One piece of legislation, which is being discussed in the Senate
and the House of Representatives "Patriot Act" as a good
Part of this law should be updated at the end of this year.

Sites for updates include sections on computer
hackers, sharing information obtained through Wire Taping, Internet
Service providers transmit customer information and records
In times of potential emergencies and in listening to the police
communication is considered necessary, and judicial decisions in the presence of
possible case of suspicion of terrorism.

The law of patriot (a large selection of name) was created to give
Authorities greater powers in times of terrorism, but they go to the side
further for it!

I believe that this action is necessary in this day and age, when it comes
to threats to national security, but where is your

As consumers, citizens and business owners we all have rights,
The only pity is that there are a small number of fanatics and fools
there who spoil it for the rest of us.

Maybe you have a reliable and safe week.

lemon laws

Lemon cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs are everywhere. Various statistics I've seen indicate that anywhere from 1 in 100 to 1 in 8 vehicles – lemons. Staggering statistics, to say the least. Lemon, by definition, with 39 & # is faulty vehicle. All states have lemon laws, which provide you with protection in the event that if you purchased a lemon. This law differs from state to state, but all have a common theme.

The first common theme – the defective condition of the vehicle. In other words, something should go wrong with your car. Lemon laws on condition usually determine which elements satisfy the requirement of the defective condition to be classified as a lemon. For example, in Pennsylvania, the vehicle must detect defective or do not meet the requirements that significantly impair the use, value or safety of the vehicle. In my experience, these types of defects usually consist of faulty brakes, transmission, engine, suspension, steering, and things of that nature. Usually enough claims to electrical failures, noise and leakage.

The next common theme among the state laws on a lemon tree – the obligation to repair. Each state lemons Act provides that the manufacturer needs to make a reasonable number of attempts to repair the defective condition of the vehicle. In Pennsylvania, the number – three. In some other states, to repair the requirements set in four or more. If the manufacturer or his agent (seller) can not repair the vehicle after a reasonable number of attempts, you have a lemon.

The third common theme among the state laws of lemon – is a tool to which you are entitled to if you have a lemon. Most States provide that the consumer is entitled to a full refund of the purchase price or a free replacement car. Some states go further. In Pennsylvania, this tool includes all taxes pledge, as well as the purchase price, including taxes, the right to ownership, the initial payment, interest and more. If you choose to elections for a refund, you can return back every dollar that you put in your vehicle. In addition, most states also provides for recovery of attorneys and costs.

7 Golden Rules of Milton Hirsh Greg Rothman – Book Review

The name of the author: 7 golden rules Milton Gersh Greg Rothman

A summary of the contents:

This little book tells the story of failures and a great success of the Milton Hershey, founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company, and Hershey, Pennsylvania. He was born into a poor family & # 39; and his father was unsuccessful in everything tasted. He was educated in the fourth grade. Hersh made numerous attempts in the business, mainly in trade in confectionery, and they all failed. He tried to open a candy store, or both in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Denver, Chicago, New Orleans, New York and come back in Pennsylvania. Years success eluded him.

Finally he found success after numerous experiments and stubbornness. In the end, he built the largest empire in the world of sweets. He founded a city named after him, and a school for poor children. Hershey chocolate has become a household name around the world.

Hersh has developed seven golden rules that it considers necessary for success. These rules are explained Rothman, and given more modern names. These include:

1. Thinking outside the box

2. Perseverance

3. Hard work

4. Take risks

5. Take care of your employees

6. Give live

7. Your life – your heritage

These rules will not surprise those who study success thinking people throughout history. They repeat the same success principles that are approved by the majority of successful people.

Readability / quality of the recording:

This is a very simple book to read. It is small, only 43 pages, but impregnated with insight and fascinating history of chocolate king and success secrets that he found.

Notes about the author:

Greg Rothman – known and successful agent in Harysburg, Pennsylvania.

Three great ideas that you can use:

1. Persistence: if there is one golden rule of success by Gersh, is underrated strength of perseverance. In seven different American cities Hershey met each other before he succeeded. He tried various kinds of chocolates, different processes and different packaging. He just has mastered the recipe milk chocolate, which is not only liked the masses, but it was easy to produce and have a good shelf life. It took a lot of "failure" before it has found that success.

2. Gersh was firmly believing in hard work. It is found that these goals can reach only hard work and watching the same around it. But he also enjoyed the work. If you enjoy your work, it is easier, and you are able and willing to work hard. If you love your work, it rarely feels heavy and you can devote to it as much time as you wish.

3. Gersh believed in risk. His calculated risk, and with more maturity and experience became more calculated. He does not advocate the inconsiderate risk. However, from his own life, he acknowledged that the greatest rewards come not to those who are not at risk.

Publication information:

7 golden rules Milton Gersh Greg Rothman.

Copyright 2005 Executive Books.

overall rating: Good

Essays on the history of US history – Colonies recovery

After the end of the era Cromwell in Britain, Charles II, who was restored to the throne, he gave his fans large tracts of land in the New World. Colonies that were developed on these plots, the known and the restoration of the colony and a & # 39 are an important part of US history.


James, the brother of Charles II, took a group of British warships and forced the Dutch to leave New York. James carefully moved and initially created a legal code called "Laws of the Duke," which applies only to the English. New York grows slowly and is controlled by autocratic. Hardly was an important commercial center as it is today.


Colonia New Jersey supposed Quakers and evolved to become quite successful. Generous grants for land, restrictions on freedom of religion and representative assemblies facilitated migration in this colony.


Pennsylvania owned by William Penn, who touted the benefits of moving to the colony throughout Europe. Pennsylvania was also the economic success and expanded rapidly. Peng was quite tolerant, and his colony had relatively good relations with nearby Indian tribes. Ironically, what tolerance brought people in Pennsylvania that do not care about the rights of Indians, creating conflicts.


Colonia Carolina (which had a constitution drafted by John lokam) has developed two different localities and as a result was divided in half. The two colonies of North and South Carolina, had a different economic base. North Carolina is usually to grow tobacco for transportation in Virginia, and then exported to Europe. South Carolina, on the contrary, grown in many food crops. Then the food was sold to feed more and more the slave population of the Caribbean.

Fly Fishing for trout in Software

Pennsylvania boasts world-class content fisheries that support habitat for wild trout, as well as controlled flow, which is stored in the spring, summer and autumn. Incomprehensible muhamorka can be found in every county of the state. You can compare the sharpness of the wild trout in a small mountain stream or try to land a trophy fish from one of the well-to streams and lakes.

That trout I catch in the software?

Pennsylvania has a population of cold water trout, including stream, storm, rainbow, plus a steel and salmon in Lake Erie and its tributaries.

You need a fishing lissens?

To fly fish for trout in Pennsylvania, you will need an annual fishing lissensy and trout-stamp, which can be purchased at many sporting goods stores that sell fishing fishing. Stamp on Lake Erie / trout will also allow you to fish on Stalhede in Lake Erie and its tributaries during the spring and autumn.

Trout to get there?

In Pennsylvania, there are thirteen incubators trout and trout stocks of 4.5 million annually. Volunteer force improves the supply of a healthy trout, because the faster forel get into their new stream after leaving the incubator, the less they are underlined. If you want to get a new kind of experience that is associated with trout fishing, try volunteering to help stock the streams in the spring.

Where can I catch a wild trout?

there is a page of fishing "hot spots" on the website of the commission PA fishing and hunting games for the majority of species of fish, including trout. Here are just a small sample of some of the hot spots for fishing of wild trout in the south-west.

Kambryyski county

  • Bens Creek – mixed wild brown / brook trout
  • Small southern villa Conemaugh – Wild Brook
  • Sandy Run – Trout

District Department

  • Buck Run – Wild Brook
  • Rasler Run – wild rainbow trout

Somerset county

  • Beaverdam Run – wild rainbow trout
  • Enos Run – Wild Brook
  • Higgins Running – Trout
  • Laurel Run – trout-dik


  • Camp – Wild Brook
  • Oven – wild rainbow trout
  • Laughlintown Run – wild rainbow trout
  • Launching tube – wild rainbow trout

All of these streams can be placed in the Atlas and newspaper DeLorme & # 39; s Pennsylvania Atlas and Gazetteer, available at your local sporting goods store. Pennsylvania has many other wild trout streams that are not listed here. Visit for more information and links to maps website on fish and game products by the Commission.

Statistics of marriage section

Unfortunately, the separation of marriage poorly understood and is being studied. Scientists attribute this to too many complex factors that need to learn to create a static, for example:

– How old were the spouses?

– It was their first marriage?

– In a couple have children?

And the most important factor:

– Or a couple reconciled after their separation (separation), or they are divorced?

One of the few statistics available now claims that about 10% of all couples in the US are now reconciled and parted. However, even some statistics show that about 44% of divorced couples broke up and reconciled them to divorce.

There is a clear disparity in the aforementioned figures. This is 10% or 44%? After spending a bit of research myself, I began to decline around 44%. However, none of the data does not provide sufficient information about whether it was the sudden separation in marriage, planned separation or what were the reasons for separation, etc.

All marital statistics show that the level of marriage and divorce rates are falling at a similar rate.
for example:

In 1990, Pennsylvania was 7,1 marriage (the lowest in the states) and 99.0 marriages in Nevada (the highest number of states), per 1,000 people.

And in 2004 in Pennsylvania was 5.9 marriage (one of the lowest in the number of states) and 62.4 marriages in Nevada (the highest number of states), per 1,000 people.

It indicates the average fall in marriages in these two states by 27% from 1990 to 2004.

In 1990, Pennsylvania was 3.3 divorce (one of the lowest in the states) and 11.4 a divorce in Nevada (the highest number of states), per 1,000 people.

And in 2004 in Pennsylvania was 3.0 divorce (one of the lowest in the states), and 6.4 a divorce in Nevada (the highest number of states), per 1,000 people.

It indicates the average fall of divorces in these two states by 27.5% from 1990 to 2004.

A Brief History of Star Amnisos barn

Exploring the history of Star Amashov, I discovered that there are so many folk as there are facts.

In North America, we have to go back at least 300 years; when a group of religious refugees from Germany migrated to southeastern Pennsylvania for the sake of freedom of religion. Many of these refugees were Amish and Mennonites, "ordinary people", as well as Lutherans and other Reformed groups lighter clothes, which were called "people with imagination." Since these people have become aware "Pennsylvania Dutch" over time.

"Fantastic" settlers painted on their barns bright geometric patterns. There were a lot of floral patterns, birds, and so stars, many of them like a blanket. Users assigned to each symbol of certain values. Somehow over time the geometric symbols turned to Pennsylvania Dutch farmers as "hex" signs. They were supposed to bring good luck to the families. Together with a discussion of the hex signs they began a six-pointed star and patterns have become very popular. Since the German word for six is ​​"sechs", that for them the English-speaking neighbors sounded like "Sixteen." Soon the "hex" pattern became widely known as hex signs. They are also called.

Because of the six points in the hexadecimal characters are six-pointed stars soon began, and now they are best known as the star of Amesha Barney. Stars in the barn have changed over the years, and they are made of wood, and you can attach them to the threshing floor, or any building that you like. In the 70 masters began using roof tiles, which gave the start of a rough finish. After the 1900s, we find the use of thin steel sheets to create these popular garden art. If they are not painted, they turned to the rustic appearance, which has become very popular.

Many believed that the star shed was a symbol of success for the farmers, and still many people who believe in it. Today, many people are simply using them as a popular decorative items in the garden or on the edges of the walls of their homes.

In Pennsylvania Amish barn stars have become very popular after the Civil War. Some stars were aesthetically pleasing, but many times they represented a particular builder barn. First Star Amish barn was three-pointed star, but they have changed over the years. Many of the stars depicted in the sheds, can be dated to the 1850s.

Then folklore was in colors, in which the star was painted, protection, emotions, purity and luck. These colors or folklore of these colors do not have biblical content and influence.

Capital Airlines and Vikants Vickers Armstrons

Three major airlines that have been inkubavanyya in Pennsylvania, became Capital airlines, as well as the "Eastern United States and American ways."

Created Clifford Pier, car dealer in Hudson Esekse, it was conceived in 1919, when the plane Stensana, which he views while flying at an exhibition, aroused his interest in aviation. Together bought 40 hectares of land that have been used for airfield excursions in Dravasburgu with D. Cake Bar in 1925, he invested 35,000 dollars to build the airport Pittsburgh McKeesport, clearing the land and built a small shed with a gun before being opened to take in June.

Carrying out their own sightseeing flights for which passengers paid $ 5.00, it is next year began airfield school and periodically conduct air shows, peraymenavavshy herbal airport in the Bettis Field in honor of Lieutenant Cyrus Bettsis, aeronautical pilot killed in Belfonte, Pennsylvania .

Leisure Service Ball, however, was quickly upgraded. After President Coolidge February 2, 1925 signed the Law of the Kelly Air Mail, which allowed the general postal administrations to enter into private contracts for the carriage of mail, for this he was awarded the shortest route of 121 miles. Continuing from Pittsburgh to Cleveland through Youngstown, Ohio, the route indicated by CAM (Air Air Contract) 11 was characterized by low operating costs; the maximum allowable rate of 3.00 dollars per pound; maximum compensation per ton mile; and significant about the & # 39; the volume of mail, and therefore made it the most profitable.

It operates in three Waco 9s, he opened the service April 21, 1927, peravozivshy 20,000 pounds of mail and flying more than 70,000 miles during the balance of the year. By 1928 these figures are respectively increased to 55,000 pounds and 85,000 miles.

Expanding fleet of Fairchilds, Ryans, Travel Airs and Waco 9's and 10's, which allowed him to gain additional profit of $ 20 per passenger by increasing the & # 39; volume cabins, they offer on trips scheduled.

Unlike other modern airlines, it received a positive growth, government revenue earning 291,000 dollars peravozivshy almost 100,000 pounds of mail and carrying out night flights between Pittsburgh and Cleveland in 1929, which helped the newly installed lighting respiratory way.

Prompted by this success and the necessary income from the sale Bettis Field Aircraft and Airways of America, Inc., he made it his full now a full-fledged airline, stretching his wings still small route. network to the east from Pittsburgh to Washington on August 14 of the same year.

Service for passengers accompanying the post, has been upgraded with the purchase of a single 12-Sedov Ford Trimotor in 1930, which allowed him to create a combined company postal and passenger services, designed Pennsylvania Air Lines, and tariff reductions in 2323 raised the total number of flights for 209,000 miles .

The ongoing work was short-lived. General postal master Walter Folger Brown, the intention to create a national air-mail system, sought to combine its current track, so in April 1930 Ball given six months extension period of the contract on the route Pittsburgh-Cleveland, until he was able to sell his young carrier. it is integrated with a larger operation.

The solution came in the form of Pittsburgh Aviation Industry Corporation (PAIC), a holding company created in 1928 to oversee aviation interests. By agreeing to purchase 8,000 shares at $ 10.00 per share, and October 24, 1930 PACC assumed Pennsylvania Airlines, which in this case was secured by the base to Cleveland in May 1934. Clifford Ball, at least temporarily, remained his vice-president and head of operations.

The newly established scheme of post office post office, which has replaced the pre-payment plan weight prompted to purchase larger, Shtynsana engines and Ford. Their increase in the area, combined with a reduction in the cost of travel has increased the number of passengers in 1931 to 100 per cent.

In fact, the new owners have recorded successful course. August 8, 1931, when it was embedded in the contract airmail sector Pittsburgh and Washington, he began service on him, in August, the three daily tourist trips up to Cleveland. fourth frequency was added two years later, and a passenger plane landed in Detroit.

But the acquisition and merger, once initiated, only distributed. Indeed, the progressive acquisition of shares PAIC with & # 39; yadali in the previously independent carriers until October 1, 1933 she became a subsidiary wholly owned, which caused the resignation of the founder.

After a bad incident and healthy army service Airmail postage general, in accordance with the law of Black Makkelara again I requested the application of private companies to reuse services, many of which have made it as a "new airlines." In fact, they were the original with new names. Former creation Bowl converted Pennsylvania airline and shipping company, Inc., was followed, but was granted only a short segment of the Detroit-Milwaukee, while Central Air Lines, she renamed the Pittsburgh Airways, is located at its former turf from Cleveland to Washington, due to its low prices by five per cent per mile.

However, the winning and the best deals are not necessarily the same. Indeed, the John D. and Richard B. Koulter sons of stone coal operator Grynsburga had to pour him half a million dollars of capital that sustains life.

Like its predecessor, it also carried passengers between Pittsburgh and Washington.

Sparks, like a plane flying on routes where the two participated as they tried to balance the figures, which fall on the one hand, due to lower revenues from the mail to those that grow out of the passenger revenue.

Pennsylvania Airlines, at least according to their statistics, has been successful. For example, in 1935, he has transported 44855 passengers and flown more than 1.6 million miles. Reducing the cost of travel and replacing obsolete aircraft quickly Stensana and Ford for ten Boeing 247D aircraft purchased in the United Airlines, he drew the head to form of land transport, such as trains and enjoyed explosive growth, the total number of 83.199 passengers and 2.9 million miles 1936.

Central carrying 11604 with a fleet of five Stynsana in 1935. But these figures tell only one side of the story.

Beaten financial foundation, created by reducing air mail revenues and destruction of the single market by two competing carriers, cited as his losses.

Consolidation of the two, provided of common remedies, entered into force on 1 November 1936, after it acquired the shares of Central Pennsylvania and manufacturing companies using district Airport Pittsburgh Alegheni as a base of operations to control the fight. , Meteorology and maintenance, has been redesigned Pennsylvania Central Airlines.

The momentum initiated by two independent carriers continued. Pittsburgh-Parkersburg Charleston (West Virginia) on April 8 and 26 October, the Washington-Baltimore-Harysburg Vilyamsport Buffalo – Next year two routes were provided.

Indeed, the momentum of traffic, when he was put in motion, it was impossible. Even in the next year were awarded four of the route on which it received 33.3 percent mile Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Washington, Norfolk, Grand Rapids (Michigan) and -Chikago Detroit Co-Sainte-Marie. A permanent certificate of convenience and the need to protect it from potential competitors.

Now, touching the key, industrially-concentrated city in the northeast, it quickly became one of the nation's largest regional airlines and made a profit in 1939.

Together with its ever-expanding network, which will soon also covered Erie, Knoxville, and Birmingham, the new equipment came from the & # 39. After receiving the first of ten Douglas DC-3 in the same year, he was able to offer higher bandwidth and comfort, but at the same time generates income that is independent from the passengers, he could not make them replaced with Boeing 247D. Peravezvshy 342,872 passengers in 1941, he flew nearly 6.5 million miles.

The Second World War made a significant, albeit temporary, mark on its operation, the CAA demanded that 16 of its 22 aircraft for troops and supplies of flights, while the agreement with the Chief of the air allowed to operate military cargo service from Washington to Chicago, Miami. and New Orleans. December 21, 1943 The flying sea transitional school "Roanoke" to provide pilot training was created.

He emerged from the clouds of war through which he flew a DC-3 and Lockheed Lodestars, moving 19,000 troops and more than 26 million pounds of cargo.

As a result, profitability and promote airliner in September 1944, was taken by an order for 10 million to 15 chatyrohvyadomyh DC-4 with a higher capacity, which will signal the transfer of the new headquarters and bases operational maintenance of the county airport in Washington reflects Allegini and its new name "PCA – Capital Airlines", emphasizing its already outgrown the status of regional carriers. It was fixed the same as December 16, 1945, after the US, the TWA and United, dedicated the fourth carrier civil aeronautics, which served as a desirable route from New York to Chicago, though initially through Pittsburgh and Detroit, December 16, 1945 the service was opened between the following two in July.

The service also noted the change in strategy. In order to remain competitive for low-cost airlines, and thus keep the passengers on the main carriers are under pressure to reduce the cost of travel. Central Pennsylvania, officially naming the "Capital Airlines" in 1948 substantiate this practice in OOP using the DC-4, uncompressed, with 60 seating configurations of higher density and simultaneously sitting in plain simple, to increase the use of aircraft, and, in conjunction with a reduction in comfort during the flight, it was possible to reduce the standard rate "six cents per mile" to four. These flights are in the "wind city" came to be called "the Nighthawk" 4 November of the same year of the original price in the same direction at 33.30 dollars.

Now the fifth-largest US airline, "Capital" tried to catch up with the "Big Four" by differentiating innovations and strive to do it using the new power plant technologies associated with the British design. Called Vickers-Armstrongs Viscount, he will give it a significant competitive advantage by offering improved speed, enhanced passenger comfort and reduced number of times. In fact, it would create a standard that others strive to achieve empire, to remain competitive, in other words, it has led, and others were to follow. But its strategy could be successful only if it would use a significant number of them to decorate its routing system.

And the number, as well as the height of the aircraft lift, increased rapidly: three were ordered in May 1954, 37 – in August, and another 20 – in line. It is not only heralds a new type of engine, it would be the first time that a British aircraft is operated in the United States since the biplane De Havilland DH.4.

Originally designed to fulfill the requirements IIIB Brabazon Committee, issued in March 1945, for a four-engine turbine aircraft for the transport of 24 passengers on short and medium range, mizhevrapeyskih sectors plane indicated V.609, after it has been revised to accommodate 32 to meet the British Airways & British; needs after he placed the order to launch.

Nizkakryly airliner sports thin pencils and oval windows first took to the skies July 16, 1948, but was again modified. Powered by four 1550 horsepower engines cowhide Rolls Royce Dart RDa3 and reduced Viscount 700, he turned pyatsifutovy wingspan and fuselage stretch to carry 40 to 53 passengers, flying for the first time in this manner, August 28, 1950.

Nevertheless, it was a prototype, reassigned V.630, carrying the world's first scheduled flight of the turbine this summer along with the BEA, which served the London, Paris and Edinburgh.

On the basis of the 1780-wn turbine Rolls Royce RDa6 Dart 510, V.700D, 83,8-foot total length and 93 ft long, 8.5-inch gap was 64.5 kg-weight. movement speed was 310 miles / mil and amounted to 20,000 feet, and the maximum amount of fuel was 2000 miles.

Then the best-selling British airliner of Viscount series, including a large capacity, the fuselage V.800, reached 444 sales.

June 16, 1955 Capital adopted its first viskontnuyu mail and put it into operation on July 16 carrying two machines daily and unique line frequency of the Washington-Chicago route. As expected, its advanced engine technology, higher speeds and shorter time to serve pie magnet, increasing its market share between any cities with which it is associated.

It took advantage of this fact, noting the progress of aircraft in their jackets, tickets, stating: "In your voyage … pilots will fly with radio Bendix For years Bendix Radio navigation and communication equipment has arrived with large airlines the world These electronic.. device driver is used to guide it in a straight direction and maintain radio contact with the ground an instant. ".

However, the Viscount was just one catalyst airline explosion. For the reasons given as "strengthening the individual carrier … for the reasonable development of the national system, which he enters," The Board of Civil Aviation in 1955 handed over the capital treasury airline route awards, which allow him to shed the predominantly north-eastern network at close range with which it was associated with an early expansion, and proposed a non-stop segments from New York to Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Toledo, Detroit and Chicago. As the largest airline for passengers landing in Pittsburgh, it provided more than 600 000 passengers per year.

By the middle of 1957 three such quarters routing system guided airplanes Viscount, and next year some frequency pairs of cities have reached the size of the shuttle: New York-Chicago (16 daily, ten non-stop), New York, Detroit (15) New York-Pittsburgh (ten) and Washington-Chicago (ten).

However, while the fifth largest trunk was planted their wings Viscount, he was forced to make a dove, overestimated the cash flow that they had set up, and with which he could pay the debt before the Vickers -Armstrongs. Working 46 of them in 1956, he ordered another 15, and now on the way to its target 75. But he brought losses this year alone – and one that then.

Following the initiative of its strategy to attract passengers with the use of advanced technology and the highest speed seemed impossible and narrowly focused. Almost plunged into bankruptcy in 1958 as a mechanic strike, retain its purchasing strategy, ordering the world's first aircraft 14 aircraft, de Havilland DH.106 Comet- again designed by the British. – and then entered into negotiations with a four-engine Convair CV-880 aircraft, the more powerful and high-speed jet aircraft (about 100 miles / h) than even the Comet.

Nevertheless, for all the elements that have made the capital shine, equal the amount that caused him to spot: the growing debt, four accident at Viscount and retention of profitable routes in Florida TO. Despite the fact that he rented for this purpose 11 DC-6B in Pan American, he could not break their helical spiral, and forced her to take life-saving line, gives her United Airlines.

CAB, approved the application for the purchase of 1 June 1961, on the & # 39; united Pennsylvania and created the largest aircraft of the Western world, which served 116 destinations with 267 aircraft.

As soon as the viscount was repainted in the mirror, the name of the capital at the same time the airline has disappeared.

How to win a job Dui

If you are arrested for driving under the influence of Erie, Pennsylvania, where you need to know a lot about your defense. You might think that there can be made on your behalf is small, but if you know how to win DUI case in Erie, Pennsylvania, the situation should not be grim.

What you need to know about how to win the case Dui begins with the selection of the law firm. It is critical that you work with a law firm that has extensive experience in the protection of the JUI. To successfully protect yourself, you need lawyers who understand the Pennsylvania law on the remote control and defense strategies for the accusation.

Your law firm lawyers to discuss the law PU Pennsylvania and charges that were before the & # 39; shown against you. In your defense following elements can be used:

• You can not be stopped because of the suspicion of DUI. Instead, the police should monitor the violation of traffic rules. If the officer suspects that you may be in a state of alcoholic Up & # 39; yanennya, the officer may ask you to hold a series of tests sobriety.

• field sobriety tests are often exposed to multiple explanations officer.

• Equipment for the control of alcohol in the blood can affect medical conditions, prescription drugs and a variety of other conditions.

• There are certain procedures that must be properly done during the arrest and processing.

sobriety testicles include:
– walk in a straight line, one foot over the other, keeping balance
– be able to follow the object, which the officer is moving eyes
it is only a few tests sobriety, which they can spend as soon as natsyagnutstsa.

Law firms have extensive experience protecting cases of JUI. Knowing the judiciary, prosecutors and judges. They will work hard on your behalf to help you to protect your business. If they assess the validity of the arrest and procedures, they can find a way to win the case JUI in Erie, Pennsylvania, or at least to reduce the charges.