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Legal custody

If parents have legal custody of their children, which means that they are responsible for making decisions about important things in their lives, such as educational instructions that they receive, religious preferences, any important medical decisions, and where they go to school. If the couple together, they usually make these decisions together, but after the separation, one or both parents can continue to make these decisions.

Couples can jointly share legal custody, or the parents can claim sole legal custody, which would mean that parents would take all these decisions and to inform other parents. The default option is usually a & # 39 is a common legal guardianship. If the parents are often struggling to make decisions, one parent lives far away, or if one parent offends and neglect, the court may decide that one of the parents of most interest to have a single legal custody.

physical custody

If you get physical custody of their children, which means that parents with children living on a daily basis. If parents choose to share the physical time of their children, they can request a "joint physical custody", which means that each parent will have equal time with children. Joint physical custody works in cases where the parents live close to each other, so the children can move between father and maintain school and recreational activities.

If you have more than fifty percent of the time the physical care of children, this father get primary physical custody and the other parent will receive a partial physical custody. Situations in which parents choose such an agreement – this is when one parent lives on. Part of the parent guardian can request alternate visits on weekends and evening for several days during the week with their children.

If one parent most of the time have children and would like to keep this type of care, the father may be granted sole custody of the children. Usually it is given in cases where one parent is considered unfit because of abuse or neglect.


If the parents are separated, they are obliged to support their children as long as the children are not exempt, that is, until the children finish school and do not reach the age of 18 years, what will happen at a later date. The guidelines support the Pennsylvania based on the concept that children of divorced, divorced or unmarried parents must receive the same proportion of parental income, and that they, if the parents lived together. guardianship lawyer will help parents apply for child support on behalf of their children.

Court to determine the amount of aid, which is paid on the basis of the schedule of detention. Parents must pay any additional unpaid costs in proportion to their salary. An experienced lawyer on guardianship in child support can help you in this process.

Interesting and humorous sayings English expressions Pennsylvania Dutch

English as a global language

English with the increasing flow of species, sections and bends are now firmly established in the global language. Currently, she talks like a second or foreign language media more than those who claim it as their first language. Now there are more than three English speakers for each language support, and the number of English speakers has been increasing daily. "Never before had no language that would speak more and more people as a second", – said David Crystal, author of "English as a global language." In the area where I grew up in south central Pennsylvania, there is an interesting variety of English spoken by the "Pennsylvania Dutch".

One difficult aspect of the English language in the counties of Dauphin, Lancaster and York, located in south central Pennsylvania, home to a large concentration of Amishav, menonitav and other "gandeytsav Pennsylvania" – a manipulation of grammatical elements of English. Here are a few examples of how to control the grammar and word order in everyday Dutch Pennsylvania. For the "foreigners", for those who are not with the & # 39 is a Pennsylvania Dutch, these expressions of daily speech can Var & # 39; iravatstsa from funny to amazing. Here's a look at just some of the many aspects of this version of the English language.

Winding grammatical forms

"Throw down the stairs dad hat".

Explanation: The Drop cap dad downstairs. (I do not care how old he is, do not dare to touch the Pope!)

"Go out and tie the dog loose, and do not forget to dim the lights."

This expression, in addition to the "German" verbalization uses tortuous grammar. Here the verb "Outen" means "vyvarochvatstsa". The adjective and noun used in reverse order from the other forms of standard English.

"The owner says he will pay me ten dollars a day, when I eat alone, and only five dollars, if it is me & # 39; eats".

Explanation: No, there is no cannibalism! Worker receives ten dollars a day to ensure their own food, but five dollars a day, when the owner must provide the employee meals. (Well, I'm glad that we clean it!)

"He had a pretty good man, is not it?"

Explanation: It is quite a nice person (supplier), is not it? (Form tag question)

Using specialized vocabulary

Adding specialized, but "local" language is also quite often done, as described in these examples.

"I have to put the candy in the clove?" ( "Tooth" – a paper bag.)

Apart from the fact that the father or grandfather of the patient, the child may say:

"Pop is not so good; it estsin gone and he did not look as good in person."

Talking about the difficulties of his son at school, his father could express the following feelings: "My son is dumb This is not something that he can not learn That he simply forgets after he learns it…"

If you do not speak with "Pennsylvania Dutch" in one of its many forms, they can just say about you: "You are not doing so good.

Speaking about a man who does not read aloud, for example, at a meeting or at school, people might say something like: "If he gets to read, he was confused."

Or about this fun little observation of the speech of another person: "Do not talk so fast, I think it's too much time."

Pennsylvania Dutch proverbs

Some interesting Pennsylvania Dutch proverbs include these suggestions:

"Kiss of wear, it is not necessary to cook"

"No woman can not be satisfied with less than seven years for cooking"

"Plump wife and a large barn never did anyone any harm"

"Anyone who has a secret, do not dare to tell his wife about it"

"It is too early to work, und too late"

Keystone State

In this region, "Keystone State", like Pennsylvania, manifestavali, this variety is often called "the British firm" by the Dutch citizens of Pennsylvania and the local "foreigners". Known for his frugal lifestyle and natural, deliciously cooked fresh meals, the Amish and other sects contribute to the development of tourism of the state. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to try crafts, food and "original" language of the ill people. This is another of the many different varieties of English as a global language.

"If you come – exit" If you are in the area, come. You see, hear and experience the food and the Pennsylvania Dutch for themselves.

The settlement of injuries minors in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the settlement of personal injury cases, minors, that is, for those who have not reached 18 years of age, requires the approval of a judge. Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Process 2039 requires that all claims, participating as a member of the minor shall be ordered by a court, which approves a settlement of the case. Rule 2039 (a) provides that "any action to which a minor can not be compromised, settled or dismissed, except following approval by the court in accordance with the application submitted by the guardian of a minor."

Petition – is a legal document in which they asked the court to take action. A parent or legal guardian must apply to the court for a compromise minors. This is a legal document that usually must be filed by counsel on your behalf. A petition to inform the Court what the settlement amount, which is considered the case, it will include the relevant medical documents and any legal costs and fees. Father or legal guardian must sign the checks that they consider that the settlement with the & # 39 is a fair and reasonable. The judge then assigns the case to court.

At the hearing the father or legal guardian must be with the child. The Court will examine, first, the settlement will be fair and reasonable. They want to protect the interests of children. The judge will pass a medical card and the current medical condition of the child. The second reason that the court order is required, is that minors can not enter into contracts or agreements, and in Pennsylvania contract signed on behalf of the father of the minor, the minor may be canceled as soon as they turn 18 years old.

Usually, at the hearing the judge will be the father or legal guardian of a minor curse and ask them questions about the medical treatment, the child's condition as an injury has occurred and whether the father understands that the matter is solved finally ..

If the settlement of personal injury of a minor to be approved by the Court, the judge will require that funds are paid to a minor, have been reported to account by the FDIC, until the child is 18 years old. Exemption means is not allowed without the approval of a court decision (which require mitigation circumstances such as medical bills or legal emergencies). When it comes to the insurance company that pays the settlement, then the insurer is aware of these rules. You will need to provide them with a court order approving the settlement before they will send the settlement check.